LeeAnn (Iliana) Heinbaugh, MA

Teacher, Guide, Intuitive, Storyteller

Born and raised in small town Indiana, I first to traveled to Central America at age thirteen. Having been drawn to cultures and traditions of the world for as long as my memory recalls, it was a both a dream made real and the beginning of a love affair that would ultimately land me, decades later, living permanently in Guatemala.

For much of these three decades I lived bridging my two worlds. I was planted professionally and with family up North. Yet longing, always, to seed my self here, down South. During these many splendored years I earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and worked in wide variety of vocations – not-for-profits, psychology, community building, marketing, addictions, entrepreneurship, and business development.

Alongside this, here in my other world of Santiago, I had a wholly other education and journey of growing. Through the sacred blessings of learning from elders and shamans, countless rituals, and ultimately being invited to serve as a formal member of the Old Ways, that longing landed once and for all. In the last decade my bridge dissolved and the rainbow I slid down indeed planted me here, where my heart has found home.

One might say that I lived for many years amidst two simultaneous worlds. One of the modern world and a conventional professions – the other a deeply spiritual, creative, and, arguably, wilder realm.

Melding the vibrancy, depth, and richness of these worlds has become my life’s passion and purpose. Today I share this in my consulting work with others around the globe who desire to enrich, clarify, heal, and embark on the journey of discovering what it is to live your happiest life.

Today I live in the exquisitely beautiful Tzu’tujil Maya town of Santiago, Atitlan, Guatemala with my two pups, a raucously fun garden, and a community I love. Here, with those who come to visit, I share the culture, rituals, and amazingly creative world I am blessed to call home.

Credentials: Bachelors in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Masters in Counseling Psychology. Ordained Minister. Certified in Myers Briggs, Franklin Covey, Community Leadership, and Integrative Medicine.

Summary of Spiritual and Professional Experience: Psycho-spiritual counseling, education, addictions, brand marketing, fund and community development, clinical and program management, organizational leadership, and the arts. Three decades of study with Mayan elders, shamans, storytellers, and leading spiritual guides throughout the US and abroad.