Wild Women's Retreat

With LeeAnn Heinbaugh, MA

When:  September 23-27, 2020 (6 pm Wednesday – 11 am Sunday)
Where: Woodstock, Vermont
Who:     Max 8-10 Wonderful Women

Wildness is about freedom, passion, & embracing our innate nature as women.

We are creators, nurturers, & destroyers, too.

For many of us this wonderfully yummy truth of ourselves is gifted in abundance to our families, work, and communities. For others it is lost to us, buried in the busyness. And for yet others, we’ve not yet discovered the fullness of how to embrace this in our lives.

In all of these ways, we rarely take the sacred time to know or give our wildness, our richest and truest selves, our full attention and expression. We all have it. Knowing it evermore fully and intimately enriches our relationship with ourselves, with others, and our overall vibrancy in all that we are.

So many women, including me, talk about how we yearn for time with other women, for the exploring of our deeper selves, and to simply break away from the regular routines of life. We too often hold the deep and soulful desire to explore, share, and grow. Yet we are always waiting for the “right time.”

The Wild Women’s Retreat is the “perfect time” and space to do it!

I am blessed to live in a culture where Women’s Councils still exist. They are sacred space where our secrets and expressions are held in honor, celebration, and compassion. Most of the Modern Culture has lost these and they are vital to us. And this is what we’ll create together in the amazing space that is Leading Fields.

This land is truly special and sacred. The perfect place for us to create an abundance of wonderful stuff:

  • Wise Women’s Council – Sharing, learning, healing, and growing our innate wisdoms with each other.
  • Explore – Journaling, meditation, Tarot, and some rest time.
  • Sacred Tradition – I’ll share bits of the Maya Traditions and practices that can be lived in the Modern World. We’ll invite you all to share your own, creating a sacred little “cauldron” of wisdoms we share.
  • Nature and Nurturing - walk the labyrinth and soak in the beautiful grounds.
  • Venture into Woodstock – See the lovely town and enjoy a night (or two) out for dinner. An amazing food scene.
  • Closing Ceremony - I’ll bring wonderful candles and other offerings from here in Guatemala and the Maya Tzu’tujil Traditions for our ritual.

And, as always, we will have lots of fun!!


The fee is $1150 per person for double and single occupancy rooms at Leading Fields. I am offering an early Registration discount of $100 for those who register and pay before April 1, 2020. We have lots of interest so register early!


Double & Single room lodging at Leading Fields. Rooms assigned on a first come, first served basis. There are 5 Queen and three single beds, private and shared baths. All are beautiful.

Healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and two dinners. Group time, materials, rituals supplies, and transportation for planned activities. Please let me know of any food preferences.

Not Included:

Airfare, transportation to and from Leading Fields, dinners out, and any additional elected activities are at your expense. You may choose to arrive early or stay late to enjoy this wonderful area and all it has to offer.


Boston, Mass / Burlington, Vermont / Hartford, Connecticut / Manchester, NH. Note: Boston has a lovely first class bus with wifi if you do not want to rent a car. We will coordinate arrivals of participants for shared rides as appropriate.


We will begin on Wednesday at 6:00 pm for dinner and conclude on Sunday at 11am. Please schedule your arrivals and departures accordingly. When possible, please try to avoid late arrivals and early departures from the Retreat.

To Register:

Email me and I’ll send you additional details and links. Come join us for an amazing time with amazing women!