Insight, Clarity, Spirituality, Happiness

Bringing a playfulness and compassion to the deep, introspective realms of spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Personal Consultations & Readings

Caring for our journeys is much like tending to a beautiful, sacred garden. The stories, beliefs, and experiences we live by are the very seeds we plant and grow. How we care for, nurture, or uproot these when needed, determines our own soul’s flowering, healing, and flourishing.

Individual Consultations and Readings are based on the intent and focus set by you. Together we will look at the patterns, energies, and insights that grow there – combining intuition, a good dose of curiosity and creativity, sacred spiritual traditions, and solid practical tools and processes to guide you.

Consultations and Readings often go hand and hand. Readings are done using Tarot and are great for when you desire a direct and deep look at specific patterns, blocks, or insight into the energies of your journey. Often folks will begin with a reading and then do a series of consultation to process and discover more. Or you may be clear about where you are and choose to dive in with a series of consultations.

  • Individual Consultation - $175 (hour to hour and a half)
  • Series of Six Consultations - $950
  • Appointments are done via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Audio only.

Ready to Do In-Depth Work?

For those who want to create a yet deeper and more accountable process, I offer the following two-month package:

  • Bi-weekly Consultations
  • Email check-in and feedback on alternate week.
  • Your “homework” emailed to me and reviewed prior to each appointment.
    • Total of Four Consultations (hour to hour and a half each).
    • Four alternate week email check-ins.
    • Fee $875

Small Group Workshops & Retreats

  • Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World
  • Intuition, Insight, & the Road Well Traveled
  • Wild Women’s Retreat
  • Back to Sacred Basics: Living the Spiritual in a Busy World
  • Wisdoms of Storytelling
  • The Sacred Garden: Tending the Flowering of Your Soul
  • Rites of Passage: Embracing Times of Change

Prices determined by location, length, and number of participants. United States, Canada, and Guatemala. Contact me directly and we will work together to create your custom Workshop or Retreat.

Public Speaking & Collaborative Workshops

Public speaking and teaching are two of my great loves. Sharing with others in a gathering of community is a beautiful gift of sharing, inspiring, and learning together. For more than two decades I’ve had the pleasure to speak and teach with wonderfully varied and dynamic communities of people, including: entrepreneurs, business consultants, real estate agents, marketing / media, not-for-profits, other professional groups, women’s groups, and families.

While the communities and groups vary, the constant theme of all is how live the spiritual in our every day lives.

  • Conference, Workplace, or Professional Group
  • Collaborative Projects – Co-facilitating Workshops & Retreats


Each talk or presentation is truly created and inspired by the people with whom I share. However, following are a few examples of topics to consider:

  • The Union of Soul & Success
  • Ancient Wisdom as a Tool: Aligning Spirit, Work, Family, & Love
  • Simple Sacred: Practical Tools For Taking Spiritual Care of You
  • Living from the Heart
  • Other topics listed for Small Group Workshops and Retreats (above).

Please contact me directly if you have other requests for specific presentations not listed. Fees begin at $750 per day plus travel expenses and accommodation.

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