Other Wonders to Explore

This is a mini directory of awesome things you can do here in Santiago Atitlan with knowledgeable, trusted guides.

  • Aurora Atitlan

    Located at the base of Volcano San Pedro and across the bay from Santiago, Aitltan, it is the perfect place to disconnect and take in the views. This lakefront property features two casitas available for you to choose from, a communal kitchen, and great outdoor spaces. Prided for being completely off-grid without sacrificing the modern conveniences such as wifi and comfy beds.

  • Batz Tejidos y Bordados - Diego Petzey

    Learn about traditional back strap weaving, the amazing art of embroidery, foot loom weaving (skirts), and all the wonderful stories and symbolism. A wonderful way to learn tradition, history, and the ancestral / spiritual meanings of the amazing “traje” worn here. +502 7721 7631

  • Café Rafa Coffee Tour - Juan Sosof Quieju

    See how our amazing and world-renowned coffee is grown, harvested, and have a coffee tasting. You might even get to participate directly if you’re here during harvest time. +502 7721 7896

  • Ixbalan Birding - Cruz Ixbalan Chiquival

    Bird watching and walking tours around Santiago, with a range of hours and hiking difficulty. Design your own tour. Spanish only. +502 4951 8270

  • Miguel Pablo Sicay - Milpas Tours

    Authorized INGUAT Guide. A long-term and very trusted guide, historian, and member of the Traditionalist community. Hike one of our three volcano, see glyphs at the unexcavated ancient Maya sit of Chiutinamit, tour the lake in a traditional canoe +502 5450 2381, +502 3257 0407

  • Rolando Bird Watching

    Explore the amazing natural wonders and internationally recognized natural reserves with Rolando. Rolando is an amazingly knowledgeable, fun, and fully equipped guide. He has the best cameras and lenses on the Lake. +502 5736 4134