Ritual and Ceremony

Rituals and ceremonies are a sacred and ancient way of caring for life.

They are done for all aspects of life. A simple blessing, family, health, healing, love, business, babies, buying a home, life transition times, kids, partnership, retirement, next steps on your journey, loss of a loved one, or a wonderful group blessing for those you are journeying with.

Traditional Maya Ceremonial Houses (Cofradias)

Our beloved Grandfather, Maximon, or more traditionally known as Mam or Rilaj Mam, who resides in the Cofradia Santa Cruz, is our most commonly known Cofradia (Ceremonial House). Most don’t know there are a total of 13 Ceremonial Houses throughout town.

Each of these has a “specialty” of purpose in the wisdoms that reside there and what ceremonies would be carried out at these altars. The Old Ways of the Tzu’tujil Maya live here much the same way you would seek out a specialist doctor, business consultant, healer, or teacher in modern life. Ceremonies can be done for you individually, as a small group, or for a family.

Deepest Cultural Immersion Possible

Rituals are the deepest cultural immersion possible. LeeAnn, Juan and their extended network of support guide, teach, and facilitate your introduction and integration with the rituals at the core of the indigenous way of life.
Laura Lodge

How do you do a ceremony?

First, you set the intent for your ritual. We prepare all your ceremonial materials (each is unique). This includes candles, incense, flowers, and other wonderful offerings based on your personal petition. We will then determine which Cofradia (ceremonial House) is best for your prayers to be made and combine this with the Maya Calendar day. You’ll learn about all of this as we create and do your ritual.

Individual ceremonies will require a minimum of two hours and small group and family ceremonies three to four hours.

Individual rituals begin at 600q. Includes: all materials, payment to the shaman, translation, and a shared drink offering following. Does not include: your personal offering (tithing). Please contact me direct for group pricing.